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Knee Products / Clima-Flex™ OA

Clima-Flex™ OA
Clima-Flex™ OA
Clima-Flex™ OA
Clima-Flex™ OA
Clima-Flex™ OA
Clima-Flex™ OA

Clima-Flex™ OA

Clima-Flex™ OA offers a new level of comfortable, cooling relief through compression and offloading for patients with mild to moderate OA knee pain. New DonJoy C-6 Fabric Technology delivers breathable, moisture-wicking comfort that’s soft to the touch, antimicrobial and incorporates temperature control. Keyless offloading enables on-the-fly hinge adjustment to empower patients with convenient, comforting relief from OA knee pain. E-Z Grip handles and intuitive wraparound design ensure form-fitting comfort. The brace is easily adjustable for more or less compression based on patient needs and comfort. Clima-Flex™ OA is sleek and ideal for light activities such as walking, golf, or hiking.



Key Features
  • C-6 Technology™ Advanced Cooling Material
    • Pure carbon threads are woven into this moisture-wicking, highly breathable and cooling antimicrobial fabric to naturally repel odor and provide temperature control.
  • Keyless, Dual Dial Off Loading
    • New, easy-to-use integrated dual-action dial allows on-the-fly hinge adjustment for comfortable, convenient offloading of the knee anytime, anywhere.
  • Perfect Fit & Control
    • Semi-rigid cuffs concealed in the thigh and calf provide comfortable support and confidence.
  • E-Z Wraparound Application
    • E-Z Grip handles and intuitive wraparound design ensure form-fitting comfort; brace is easily adjustable for more or less compression based on patient needs and comfort.
Indications for Use

For persons with unicompartment knee osteoarthritis (OA), off-unloader braces are mechanical intervention designed to reduce pain, improve physical function, and possibly slow disease progression.

Size Chart
Manufacturer Part Number Size Left/Right Measurement
11-8810-1 XS Right 13" - 15½" (33-39 cm)
11-8811-1 XS Left 13" - 15½" (33-39 cm)
11-8810-2 SM Right 15½" - 18½" (39-47 cm)
11-8811-2 SM Left 15½" - 18½" (39-47 cm)
11-8810-3 MD Right 18½" - 21" (47-53 cm)
11-8811-3 MD Left 18½" - 21" (47-53 cm)
11-8810-4 LG Right 21" - 23½" (53-60 cm)
11-8811-4 LG Left 21" - 23½" (53-60 cm)
11-8810-5 XL Right 23½" - 26½" (60-67 cm)
11-8811-5 XL Left 23½" - 26½" (60-67 cm)
11-8810-6 2XL Right 26½" - 29½" (67-75 cm)
11-8811-6 2XL Left 26½" - 29½" (67-75 cm)
11-8810-7 3XL Right 29½" - 32" (75-81 cm)
11-8811-7 2XL Left 29½" - 32" (75-81 cm)



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