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Hip Braces

A post-op hip brace can be an integral part of your recovery after hip surgery or an injury. A hip brace offers stability and limits flexion/extension and adduction/abduction to ensure quick healing.

A hip brace, typically referred to as a hip abduction brace, helps to align your hips level and retain your thighbone in the hip socket. Not only does a hip brace provide stabilization to your hip and pelvic area, a hip brace also provides limited range of motion, balance support during walking, hip/pelvis/knee alignment, and pressure redistribution to the hip and pelvis.

Call us to find out if you may qualify for a knee or back brace as a Medicare covered benefit.


Medicare Patients

Contact us with any questions about bracing or eligibility. We’ll make it easy for you. We'll even handle the paperwork should you qualify.

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Non-Medicare Patients

We are in-network with over 150 insurance plans, workers’ compensation, and no-fault insurance companies.

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