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/ ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace

ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace
ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace

ARC 2.0 Shoulder Brace

The ARC® 2.0 shoulder brace from Breg has a universal fit that can be worn on the right or left arm and is one size fits all. The brace is made from lightweight, breathable materials. It is suitable for post-op or non-surgical conditions that require specific arm positioning. The signature aluminum waistband is moldable to each patient’s unique torso shape and prevents anterior migration that is common with shoulder braces.


Key Features
  • Brace positions include gunslinger, neutral plane and external rotation
  • Universal sling design to fit every patient with one brace
  • Unique pistol grip adjusts with quick-pull tabs and keeps the arm from migrating forward out of the sling
  • Optional underarm strap relieves pressure on the neck for larger patients and patients positioned in external rotation
  • One-hand buckles ease patient reapplication
  • Cold therapy cutout in the sling
Indications for Use
  • Soft-tissue strains
  • Anterior shoulder dislocation
  • Posterior shoulder dislocation
  • Non or minimally displaced proximal humerus fractures
  • Low-grade AC-Joint dislocations
  • Non or minimally displaced clavicle fractures
  • Brachial plexus injuries or other paralytic or neurologic injuries to the upper extremity
  • Pectoral tendon rupture and distal biceps rupture
  • Rotator cuff repairs
  • Bankart and capsular shift procedures
  • Bone block or latarjet reconstructions for anterior shoulder instability
  • Shoulder replacement CRIF or ORIF of proximal humerus fractures
  • AC-Joint stabilization of acute and chronic injury
  • AC-Joint instabilities, proximal biceps tenodesis
  • SLAP Repairs
  • ORIF clavicle fractures
  • Reverse shoulder arthroplasty
  • Humeral shaft fractures
  • Scapular fractures
  • SC joint separation
  • UCL reconstruction of the elbow and other elbow fracture indications
Manuf. Part No.
AE050400 ARC® 2.0 Shoulder Brace, Universal
AE050420 Under Arm Strap Kit
AE050410 2.0 Sling Kit
Size Chart

Call us to find out if you may qualify for a knee or back brace as a Medicare covered benefit.

Best Brace for Lower Back Pain - Elite Medical - Back Braces Covered by Medicare

When you’re shopping for a back brace, you want the best back brace available to help your condition. But it can sometimes be hard to tell which back brace is right for you. That’s why we include pictures and full descriptions of all our back braces and their indicated uses.

Pain in the lumbar region is one of the most common types of back pain. The causes of lower back pain are many. One is a simple strain injury that you can get from reaching and twisting or lifting an object that is too heavy for you. Others include car accidents, falls, spinal stenosis, sciatica, bulging or herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease.

Strengthening the back muscles with exercise is a good way to prevent injury, but if you have already suffered a strain, a lower back brace can help.


Best Brace for Lower Back Pain

Lower back braces temporarily do for you what your muscles can’t — hold you erect and in place and prevent further injury. We carry several kinds of lower back braces — how do you know which is the best lower back brace for you?

Elite Medical Back (3)

It depends on your condition. Different lower back braces are best to combat different symptoms. All our lower back braces offer support, and some offer compression as well. You may be looking for a lower back brace to promote stability and proper posture. If you are prone to back spasms, a back brace that restricts motion may help.

Talk to your doctor about your specific condition and ask for recommendations about the best back brace for lower back pain for you. While a back brace isn’t a cure, it can provide much-needed relief while you undergo treatment from a doctor or chiropractor. Additionally, if your doctor recommended surgery but you are trying to avoid this route, a back brace can help you stay more comfortable while you buy time.

Our back braces are strong, durable and made to last. You can wear yours all day and you can even wear it to sleep if necessary. These back braces are breathable, so they won’t make you sweaty, and they’re lightweight and fit easily under clothing, so you don’t have to worry about questions from nosy neighbors or co-workers.

Tired of sitting out every game, dance and activity? Get a lower back brace today.

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