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Not included in the Round 2021 Competitive Bid?

Your DME company can partner with Elite Medical Supply as a subcontractor to continue providing knee and back bracing to Medicare Patients.
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Provide Bracing to Medicare Patients

If your company is an OTS back and knee brace DME supplier located in a Medicare Competitive Bidding Area that was not awarded supplier contracts, we can help you continue to provide knee and back braces for Medicare beneficiaries through a subcontractor relationship. 

How It Works

Elite Medical Supply makes it easy to help you provide back and knee braces to patients that qualify for Medicare reimbursement.

  • 1Subcontractor receives order and transmits to Elite Medical Supply for beneficiary verification and care coordination.
  • 2Bracing product is delivered by the subcontractor and the patient is fit and trained if the order is clean.
  • 3Subcontractor transmits delivery paperwork to Elite Medical Supply.
  • 4Quality control review of submitted paperwork.
  • 5Subcontractor is paid fair market value for delivery and brace when clean claim is submitted.

Competitive Bid Areas

We are contracted to provide Medicare beneficiaries with back and knee braces in most Competitive Bid Areas. The Medicare Competitive Bid Program determines the limited number of accredited suppliers that can supply DME and bill Medicare.

View Our Competitive Bid Areas


Contact Us

Contact us today to learn more about a subcontractor relationship.

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Heather E. Shevlin, Esq.

In-House Counsel

Call us to discuss a subcontractor partnership to help patients receive bracing covered by Medicare.

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About Us

Elite Medical Supply is an accredited provider of Medicare covered back and knee braces. We're part of the Medicare Competitive Bid Program, so beneficiaries can receive their brace at little or no cost to them. From treating chronic conditions to acute injuries, Elite Medical Supply can provide you with the right brace to guide your treatment.